Read Hab 3.17-19

We trust that God will fulfill what he promises us in his Word. But the real battle of faith comes when God responds in a way that we do not expect or that we perceive as negative. Sometimes, although it seems contradictory to the scriptures, the fulfillment implies our momentary suffering. Now, will we still trust in God despite the disappointment? Or will we turn away from the Lord, discouraged?

The prophet Habakkuk had to make that decision. I cried out to the Lord to judge the wickedness of Judah (Hab. 1.1-4) and he was horrified to understand that God would do it through the cruel nation of Babylon, better known as the Chaldeans (Hab. 1.6).

Habakkuk cried out: “Are you not from eternity, O Lord, my God, my Holy One? We will not die. Oh Lord, you have put it for judgment; you, O Rock, have established it for correction “(Hab 1.12). The prophet could not understand why God chose to act as he did, but he demonstrated the essence of faith; Habakkuk continued to trust in the wisdom and faithfulness of the Lord, no matter what happened or decided to do.

The prophet says: “Even if the fig tree does not flower, nor there be fruit in the vines; although the harvest of the olive tree fails, and the fields produce no food; although there is no sheep in the sheepfold, nor any cattle in the stables; even so, I will rejoice in the Lord, I will rejoice in God, my deliverer! “(Hab 3.17-18)

Know that, in difficult times, faith becomes a matter of loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ. We must have confidence in Him no matter the circumstances; This even if it means that we must suffer hardships. Let us say together with Habakkuk, so that all our resources and reserves are exhausted, “With all, I will rejoice in Jehovah” (Hab 3.18)


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