If a ruler heeds the lie, all his servants will be evil. Proverbs 29.12

The principle enunciated in this proverb is simple. The town ends up being the same as its leader; When the ruler is corrupt, those around him will become corrupt. When the one who governs is just and right, those around him will end up becoming righteous and just. Why does this happen? Because people who are close to a leader are infected with life and the convictions that it has. This transfer of “lifestyle” is so intangible that we become aware of it only when we see the same behaviors in the followers of the leader. This is why an author defines influence as “the power that affects people, elements or events and that operates without the deliberate exercise of effort on the part of someone”.

The secret of the influence rests on the character of the leader, that is, what the leader is determines the quality of the influence he will have on his followers.

It is good that we understand that this principle manifests itself in all areas where there is a person who exercises the responsibility of directing others. It can occur in a family or in a gigantic entity such as a multinational company, where there is talk of the existence of a “corporate culture”. In all cases, the result is the same: the kind of person who is at the front determines the kind of team that will have working on their projects.

The church does not escape this law. When a change occurs in the pastor, the congregation begins to change on its own. If the pastor is a person who loves prayer, he will not have to spend his life exhorting the congregation to cultivate a life of prayer. They themselves will be infected with the same spirit that he has.


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